Guest Post ~ Recycling: More Than You Think

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Many communities around the country have recycling programs in place to help reduce the waste going to the landfill and to help save the environment the best they can. Many people recycle plastic, paper, and glass but don't realize that there are many other items around the house that can also be recycled. Many of these items are hard to dispose of and recycling is an excellent alternative! Check out these five items that you'd probably never think to recycle:
Mattresses are a burden to dispose of because of their size. Since over 20 million of them are replaced each year, recycling is an excellent way to reduce the quantity in landfills. Since over 90% of a mattress can be recycled and reused, many mattress retailers are willing to recycle your old mattress in exchange for the purchase of a new one. 

For most people, a bicycle is a form of recreation, not basic transportation. In many developing countries, bicycles are the best form of transportation and communities can benefit from old bicycles. Organizations, such as Bikes for the World, take old bicycles to people in need and save them from the landfill. Over 15 million bicycles are thrown away each year instead of being donated. By recycling your old bicycle you can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Some of the most precious metals in the world can also be recycled. Companies such as Brilliant Earth, a conflict-free diamond company known for their unique diamond pieces and engagement rings, recycle precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Recycling these metals helps reduce the environmental impact of mining new materials from the earth. Old pieces of gold, silver, and platinum can be re-refined and turned into new pieces of jewelry.

Who doesn’t like feeling comfortable while working out? Not only can you feel comfortable and chic in your workout gear, but also feel even better knowing that your gear is eco friendly! Under Armour is taking a new take on performance- by incorporating green technology in their performance products. Under Armour’s green products are made from recycled plastic bottles. Products made from recycled materials reduce waste to landfills and reduce the need for raw materials derived from fossil fuels.

Paper products are easy to recycle and can greatly reduce the number of trees harvested. Daily newspapers are easy to recycle immediately after reading. If Americans recycled one-tenth of their newspapers, over 25 million trees could be saved each year.

More products can be recycled than those that are picked up on the curb. With a little bit of extra effort, many products can be saved from the landfill and be recycled into new items. This can have profound impacts on helping save energy, materials, and the environment.

Guest Post courtesy of Sophia Evans from Sophia is a stay at home mom, living in Upstate New York and blogs about Eco-friendly lifestyle tips. In her words, "I find that it is easy to transition into a green lifestyle by making small changes; I am always staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the green community. I try and live the best green, sustainable life as I can! "


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